More Than Meets the Eye

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A four-part DVD series based on the book More than Meets the Eye

Produced with Christian Medical & Dental Associations

Each DVD session is 30-35 minutes

  • Session 1: God's Human Body Project: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

  • Session 2: The New Physics: Relativity, Time, Space, Light

  • Session 3: The Universe Sings His Praise

  • Session 4: In the End, Sovereignty Wins

God’s power is undeniable; His precision is impressive; His sovereignty is on display. How can such power fail to dominate our every thought and action, to rescue us from our everyday insecurities? It is not that God has failed to demonstrate His nature. It is just that we are slow to understand. Our eyesight is dim.

What we need is a new vision of God. The real God. Not some vague image we fold up and stuff in the back drawer of life, but the kind of God who parts the Red Sea and shakes Mount Sinai. The kind of God who stuns the physicists with symmetry, the mathematicians with precision, the engineers with design, the politicians with power, and the poets with beauty.

More than Meets the Eye is a four-part series demonstrating a God who is brilliant and wise, powerful and precise, intimate and personal. The more we understand about God's power, the less we worry about our weakness. The more we trust in God's sovereignty, the less we fret about our future. To know Him is to trust Him; to trust Him is to rest in Him.

The material in this DVD series is often scientifically profound but presented to be accessible to the non-scientist. It is specifically intended to inform and encourage people in their faith even if their personal scientific depth is not sophisticated.

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