The Overload Syndrome

Learning to Live Within Your Limits

The Overload Syndrome is the sequel to Margin, providing additional content and prescriptions formatted in a different manner.

It examines sixteen different kinds of overload (accessibility, activity & commitment, change & stress, choice & decision, debt, expectation, hurry & fatigue, information & education, media, possession, work, etc.) and provides 175 practical prescriptions for restoring margin to overloaded lives.

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John Ortberg:
Dick Swenson has a way of surfacing issues we know we should face but would rather avoid. Our pace and style of life have become insane, and his is a needed plea for sanity. If you have time to read this book, you will benefit from it immensely. If you don't have time--then you really need to read this book.

Jay Kessler:
Dr. Swenson is writing directly toward the center of modernity. The pressures of the culture are taking a toll on all that we are and do. This book will restore health, save marriages, reconcile children, prolong careers, and bring the joy of living to those who have ears to hear and the courage and will to act.

Dr. Jay Desko:
As a professor and a pastor, I regularly meet people who manifest symptoms of overload. True to his calling as a physician, Dr. Swenson powerfully and accurately diagnoses the causes of this life-threatening epidemic and provides practical life-changing prescriptions.

Paul Borthwick:
Dick Swenson has done a masterful job of identifying why we all feel overloaded and stressed out. He gives practical and useful suggestions for daily living that helped me resist overload and renew my enjoyment of life.