More Than Meets the Eye

Fascinating Glimpses of God's Power and Design

Let the record show: both Science and Scripture reveal a God who is brilliant and wise, powerful and precise, intimate and personal. Every molecule and magnetar demonstrate a vast, rich, and beautiful creation. When we better understand the power and genius of God's creation, it helps us to rest in His sovereignty.

Notable Mention:
A 2000 Focus on the Family national broadcast based on the information in this book was their most requested tape of that year.

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Dr. Waylon B. Moore:
A staggering book about the wonders of the universe and God's creative work in every cell of our bodies. Written in layman's language, this futurist and Professor of Medicine introduces us to both physics and Scripture in a reverent painting of God's splendor and handiwork. Each of us is a miracle of complexity, yet we are His loved children, through whom He is doing His work today.

Bob Kellemen, Ph.D.:
More Than Meets the Eye offers exactly what the subtitle accurately promises: fascinating glimpses of God's power and design. Science and faith, when looked at with what Luther called "reason redeemed by grace," consistently connect to show God's handiwork, God's fingerprints, God's footprints everywhere--from the largest star to the smallest particle. This book is a fascinating glimpse for those willing to look at creation and the Creator with intellectual integrity and spiritual authenticity.

This book will take you to the smallest known reaches of science and in the process expand your horizons exponentially. Don't be fooled into thinking scientists know everything, for the deeper they dig, the less the established laws of science apply. There are dimensions where the concept of Jesus being here, there and everywhere become relevant and what we consider possible and impossible is thrown on its ear. Properly applied, the study of physics is a gateway to the realm of the Divine and this is the book to start you on your journey.