The Secret to a Lasting Calm

From the beloved and trusted author of Margin comes a book that reveals the secret to true and lasting contentment and shows you how to discover it.

Living in today's culture, it's easy to forget that contentment is one of the greatest privileges of the Christian faith. Approaching the subject from a historical and biblical perspective, Swenson takes you on a journey where you'll discover that true contentment is the gateway to joy, freedom, godliness, rest, grace, simplicity, generosity, and more.

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Dallas Willard (USC, philosophy):
Contentment is a profound and practical treatment of the condition from which, alone, a life of love, joy, peace and power is possible. It very carefully spells out what contentment is and how it is rooted in companionship with Christ in the Kingdom of the Heavens. It is a thoroughly biblical treatment that is also filled with the best of contemporary knowledge about our world and life. It will help anyone today to have a clearer picture of what is happening to us, and this is especially crucial for the follower of Christ. I urge you to study this book as soon as possible and get your family, friends and acquaintances to study it with you. It is especially vital for small groups and classes in church fellowships. It uniquely deals with the conditions of discipleship today. 

Nancy Leigh Demoss (Radio Host, Author):
Dr. Swenson’s grasp of the vital spiritual discipline of contentment, combined with his practical, forthright approach and a life that backs up his message, make this a much-needed book for my own heart, and likely, for yours as well. 

Lyle Dorsett (Beeson Divinity School, Samford University):
Dr. Swenson is an unusually gifted writer, teacher and interpreter of our times. Contentment is one of the most timely books I have read in years. Drawing upon Scripture, history and his own experiences, the author has fashioned a book that confronts the dehumanizing dimensions of 21st century culture that drive so many people to anxiety, depression and despair. This engaging book calls us back to the prophet Jeremiah’s cry, "Stand by the roads, and look, and ask for the ancient paths, where the good way is; and walk in it, and find rest for your souls." This is a book we need to listen to and share with others. 

David Stevens, MD (CEO, CMDA):
Lost your joy? Have no peace? With wisdom, wit and discernment, Dr. Swenson leads us down the hidden path to serenity, happiness and satisfaction. In these chaotic times, we need to practice the principles he prescribes daily. 

Gary Benedict (President C&MA):
The Bible talks about people "from Issachar, men who understood the times and knew what Israel should do." In much the same way, Dr. Richard Swenson grasps the significance of our place in history, diagnoses what may be the single most important cause of stress in our lives, and prescribes the treatment plan offered by our divine Healer. Contentment explores this character trait that seems to elude 21st century western culture, concluding that "Patience and contentment are good friends and travel companions. Both, however, have fallen out of favor." Ever the family physician, Dr. Swenson guides the reader to embrace a life-long lifestyle change guaranteed to improve our quality of life and relationships with both man and God. Contentment is more than a book to be read, it is to be heeded and applied. I have known Richard for 35 years. His love for God defines him and every day he lives out the message of Contentment. 

Walter J. Schultz (Northwestern College, Philosophy):
For the sake of the Kingdom and the vitality of the church, I hope this book becomes a classic in the tradition of Christian spirituality.